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In 1999 we bought our house in the small mountain village of Ano Kotsanopoulon. The house is located in the prefecture of Preveza, on the west coast of Greece. Nature is overwhelming, with sea, mountains, forests, rivers and lakes. Bought as a ruin and renovated over the years. The goal was to give painting holidays and printmaking workshops, combined with the greek kitchen. We live there for a 5 till 6 months a year. In 2006 we started the first painting holiday. We had previously gained experience with the Summer Academy where we have been giving a painting course on a clipper on the Dutch "Ijselmeer" and a painting holiday in Samos. (Gr) We have both been associated for years at the Free Academy in Nijmegen as teacher of painting and printmakingtechniques. We also have a career as a visual artist with exhibitions and projects at home and abroad.

Trailer of a documentary made about the project "a disappearing community" by Bart Elfrink. A portrait of the inhibitants of our village.

Short movie about a special printmaking technique by Caroline, the imezzotint.
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